Advised Will For Singles


Expert-crafted wills tailored for individuals, ensuring your assets are secured and your wishes are clear.

Advised Will For Couples


Create wills for you and your loved one that are in sync and designed to ensure your joint wishes are clearly expressed and legally documented.

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Additional Services

Updates and Storage


Keep your will safe and accessible when needed—update as often as you like.

Declaration of Trust


Clarify property ownership shares and responsibilities. Essential for couples buying.

Power Of Attorney


Appoint someone you trust to manage your affairs if you're unable to. Essential for later-life mortgages.

Trust/assets clauses


Designate special rules for your most valuable assets and who benefits from them, ensuring your specific wishes are followed.

Make or update my will now

How a property is owned is an important aspect when organising ownership now and for when it is passed on in the future. Setting it up correctly can save hundreds and thousands and save on heartache.

Make / Update my will

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